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       The origins of the Gretna Bergthaler Mennonite Church go back over one hundred years when weekly services began to be held in 1891 in a school known as Gretna’s MEI (Mennonite Education Institute). By 1901 regular Sunday School, Worship Services, Christian Endeavour Meetings and Choir Practices became part of the weekly schedule. On October 5, 1947 The Gretna Bergthaler Mennonite people organized into a local congregation instead of being known as a school church. The dedication of the existing building took place on December 21, 1958.

Pastors of the church over the last 60 years have included: Bernie Wiebe, Jake Letkeman, Ed Plett, Henry Penner, Walter Braun, David F. Friesen, Rudy Franz, Dave Regehr, Marco Funk and Harold Schlegel. The current pastors are Janna and Terrell Wiebe. The church is connected to a larger grouping of churches called Mennonite Church Manitoba (48 congregations) and to Mennonite Church Canada (250 congregations).

our pastors:
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Terrell + Janna Wiebe

Lead Pastors